Geneva Kayak Center Open for Business

I thought I would put up a few pictures I took of the Grand Opening Event on Saturday. I have to verify if this is going to be called the Yorkville Outdoor Center or not. They have put a lot into their shop and have pretty much everything a kayaker needs as far as I can tell. Worth a visit here before hitting a big box store. You won’t get this kind of knowledge at one of those.

I’ll add more to this later. Will probably have a couple of more posts made about this. We’ll see how my week goes.

Also, the official word from Yorkville Mayor Valerie Burd about fishing the Yorkville Whitewater Course . . . it flat out isn’t allowed, ever. But there’s more details that might make up for that.

Had a great time Friday night at the Kendall Pub watching Kent Fords’ film Call of the River and got to meet some interesting kayakers.

I like slick logo designs.

A lot of kayaks on display in a compact space.

I was intrigued by the colors and angles, in case you couldn't tell.

If I had a wide angle lens I would have taken a better shot of the interior.

After watching them play in the chute for a few hours, I know I can handle anything the Fox River or any other river around here throws at me while paddling a canoe or a kayak, I’ve done it. But I don’t think my back has the flexibility needed any more to be able to play around in this chute. Unless I don’t mind doing it upside down.

5 thoughts on “Geneva Kayak Center Open for Business

  1. Barry

    Did you notice the average age of the paddlers? Probably 40’s (I’m 58). Thanks for posting some pictures. I know you took 100’s. I took nearly 200, and I was paddling too! Thanks for posting the pictures…

    1. Ken G Post author

      I did notice the age. The wading anglers I know are mostly older too. I wonder if we’re losing the younger crowd. Or they need to grow up and appreciate it more.
      I plan on wading rivers till I can’t walk any more. I like to think that at 55, I’m in decent shape. But I know my limits. My wife would kill me if I screwed up my back playing out there.
      I only took a dozen shots. I went right for what I wanted. I should have got some of the sea kayaks. I’m sure I’ll have other opportunities.

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