Referencing a Reference

My friend Bob Long Jr. is an outstanding photographer. He now manipulates his photos into some of the most beautifully layered images I’ve seen. They’re still a photo, but . . . no different than a painter layers paint, his images go beyond a simple photo through the layers he applies.

He is probably the only friend left where I/we get to talk about art. I no longer paint or sculpt, but write and take pictures. Our conversations, like our lives, are circuitous. Our experiences influence the conversation and they wind their way, not so much to a conclusion, but to another conversation the next time we get to talk.

His latest post on his Flickr site references me referencing, well, he has a better way with words than I.

Layers and Narratives

Either way, when you click on that link, it will be worth exploring his voluminous image library. A lot of the images have stories and they’re worth reading. Look for bossbob50 off at the top of the right hand column and click on it.

I think, at the end of the conversation Bob is referencing, I mentioned that my final paintings before I quit painting were done in layers. Wax, plaster, paint, more wax, more paint. Depending on where you stood depended on whether you saw the images in the other layers.

Then again, maybe I didn’t bring that up. Maybe next time.

Where justice isn’t served is in our written depictions of what we say and how we say it. Bob says I have a certain eloquence, but I must defer to his way with words. What’s missed in our written words is the fact that we are both city boys, Chicago street kids. We can dese and dem it with the best a dem. We also have this penchant for putting together the most beautiful string of cuss words. My momma would be so proud.

We should record these conversations and have someone transcribe them for us. That will win us points, I’m sure.

For those that came here hoping to see something about fishing only to find this, I don’t want you to go away empty handed.

Here’s a picture of Bob holding a fish!!!!

5 thoughts on “Referencing a Reference

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    1. Ken G Post author

      But if you ever published those quotes, you would have to warn people about it being rated R for language. We also might have to go through them, “you can’t print that, did I say that?”

      Having been a city boy, I’m drawn to his urban photos. I recognize many of those places from one of my past lives. No longer caring about the city much, I’m equally drawn to his nature shots.

  2. bob long

    I am most honored Sir Ken. I am blushing. A genuine “aw shucks” moment. Thanks.

    So when is dis shit gonna’ start ta pay off? I’m broke like a muthafucka’.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Likewise Sir Bob after re-reading what you posted. It did change nicely from that first draft you sent me.

      Pay off? Most artists are millionaires long after they’re dead. Their beneficiaries do well I hear. Which means, after you die you’ll do well when I start printing and selling off your work. Just make sure you leave a list of your beneficiaries somewhere easy to find 🙂

      Posthumous is an immediate 100 percent interest in the work and a 50 percent increase in prices you know.

      We do have the oddest conversations sometimes, don’t we.


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