Speaking of Butterflies

I was out wandering the other day and stopped at a creek. The main goal was to see what kind of shape it was in after the recent rains. The other goal was to simply wander around a little.

There’s an old abandoned road near the creek. Each time I wander down it a little further. I know it’s trespassing, but it seems that landowners don’t mind gray beards with cameras wandering harmlessly on some parts of their property.

“Getting any good photos?”

I never know till I look at them later. You don’t mind do you?

“No, not at all. Feel free.”

And I do.

It was nice to be out with sky blue skies bringing out the intense greens of the rain soaked trees and grass. Luckily I was also watching where I was walking.

A large black and yellow object fluttered past my head. I knew it was a swallowtail butterfly and assumed it was a yellow swallowtail, but I noticed it was more black than yellow. It landed on a nearby tall blade of grass. I quickly shot a photo figuring it would quickly flutter off.

Since it didn’t move, I took a few more, always expecting it to fly off.

That never happened. It sat there, wings spread wide, soaking in the sun. I kept getting closer, pushing my luck.

It let me get within a few inches of it.

Then, apparently annoyed, it flew off.

As a kid I had a fascination with butterflies. I think it came from frequent visits to the Field Museum. I remember cases full of butterflies, pinned to backing with their wings spread wide like this one. I remember having a book about butterflies, loaded with pictures. That was 45 years ago or so and the memory of names and colors are long gone.

From what I looked up later, this one winds up being a Giant Swallowtail. And that it was, with a wingspan that was easily 5-6 inches. I found the pattern fascinating. It looks some what like a face, mouth open. I’ll assume it sits like this, wings spread, to intimidate predators. I never did find anything mentioned about that being a possibility.

I kind of like that idea though.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Butterflies

  1. cofisher

    Whew, I thought maybe we were having a conversation about butterflies and I fell on my head and forgot. Nice photos. Is that a robin’s egg?

    1. Ken G Post author

      When I first saw it Howard, I thought the whole thing had fallen out of the nest intact and survived. It had been hatched. Really stood out in the sunshine that morning.

      Beats having conversations about fish. Got a bit tired of that recently. Now if I catch a piranha out of the Fox, I might start one up again.

  2. bob

    really, really should be published in public view. not just here. what about time out chicago

    1. Ken G Post author

      Never heard of Time Out Chicago. Checked it out, kinda interesting looking.

      Apparently I can restart my ChicagoNow blog whenever I want. I’m feeling stretched a little thin as it is lately. Not sure I can do two things at once, or more.

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