I’ve been waiting for you…

My wife has been making fun of me for over a week, my anticipation of the arrival of the Fall River Fly Rod has apparently got a bit annoying.

It showed up today.

The shipping container is looking well worn.

And well marked.

Today is take it out of the shipping tube and play with it day. Read what others have been writing in the journal. Take it out on the lawn and wave it around. Take some pictures. Maybe I’ll try to catch a squirrel on a peanut…

It’s supposed to approach 100 degrees today with violent storms now out over the Mississippi River, heading this way.

I don’t see any point in ruining what will be an interesting next 10 days by getting hit by lightning on the first of them.

The next 10 days are going to be gorgeous out. Every day a few hours will be spent fishing this rod.

Let the fun begin.

I borrowed this from one of Quill Gordon’s reviews of the Fall River Fly Rod because I couldn’t think of a better way to put it… Thanks Quill.

The Outdoor Blogger Network teamed up with Fall River Rods, Montana Fly Company and RIO Products this spring to put together a rig consisting of an 8ft, 2-piece, 5wt “South Fork” bamboo rod, Madison reel, and double taper, floating line to be fished by 15 far-flung anglers over the course of the season. One of those 15 anglers will own the rod, reel, and line when all is said and done, along with an accompanying journal in which all 15 anglers will record their thoughts and experiences during their time with the rod. With a first season like that, the story of this brand new rod is off to a very good start.

14 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for you…

  1. Ken G Post author

    No they don’t Jim. But at least my wife tolerates my obsessions. Even if I do have to put up with the ridicule and laughing…

    1. Ken G Post author

      She knows how to get a good zinger in and doesn’t spread them around randomly.

      But then, so do I.

      That is a beautiful rod Quill. I was pretty shocked at how easy I took to it after reading what others said and perusing through the journal. But when I think about how methodical I am with fishing in general, maybe not so surprising after all.

  2. Brian Schiele

    Great introductory write up! I look forward to reading more and my time with it too.
    All of these great write up are providing lots of inspiration as to how I’ll do mine.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Brian, if I have time I’m going to be putting up fishing updates. Time, like I have any.

      Then do a review or two that ties things together.

      Probably overkill, but I haven’t written or posted much since May. Writing a bit more for this might fix my “give a shitter” and I’ll get back in the swing of putting things in words. Or not.

      You’re going to enjoy this. A word of warning… remember the bird that shit on the case for Quill? It’s still there…

      A badge of honor.

            1. Ken G Post author

              When the wife saw it… “you old guys are all nuts.”

              I didn’t tell her you were old, she assumed that’s all I know. We grew up watching the Stooges, listening to Zappa with Flo and Eddie, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, ZAP comix and on and on.

              What’s she expect from us… it’s just a little bird shit.

    1. Ken G Post author

      The mechanics of fly rods gets frustrating at times, awful lot of work to just make a cast and catch a fish, but it’s a nice piece of equipment and I’ll just have to relax and put up with the fact that it’s an extremely inefficient way to fish.

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