Wada u Lookin’ at?

I had a big long write up in my head about this with many more pictures, but I got lazy. So this will have to do.

I see the same doe and her two fawns every time I fish this one stretch of the river. Been going on all summer. They live on these big nearly impenetrable islands out in the middle of the river.

After watching them walk across the river and disappearing behind an island, a few minutes later I hear a grunt. Don’t see anything. Then another grunt and there it is, watching me. Stood there for awhile, so I started talking to it. That’s why the ears are up.

A couple of months earlier, fishing at sunrise, the mother didn’t notice me a bit up river.

Caught her at a less than ideal moment.


I need a better camera.

2 thoughts on “Wada u Lookin’ at?

    1. Ken G Post author

      Having deer watch me from shore happens fairly often, crapping in the river, that was a first.

      My wife talks to the squirrels. They follow her around the yard now waiting for peanuts. She’s going to regret this when they start climbing her like a tree.

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