View from the Porch – Oddly Quiet and did I Mention I’ve been Looking for Work?

Don’t even try talking to me before I’ve sucked down a couple of cups of coffee. Coffee must be sucked down while I’m out on the front porch, with a cheap cigar.

The wind has died down and the birds are out in numbers, but they are oddly quiet. Only one lone goose down on the river honking and a woodpecker in the tree in front of my house banging away. Not sure the woodpecker banging counts as a bird song of any kind.

Quite a few cardinals flying around and a number of other birds are out scrounging for seeds, but they are all quiet. The birds must not like the cold much and it seems to hinder their desire to sing. Can’t blame them. I’m not all that happy with the cold either.

I live on the edge of a cold depression that exists to the west of Aurora. Tom Skilling the Weather God mentions it often. Consistently the coldest spot in the Chicago area. At 7:00 AM it’s supposedly only eight degrees out there and my toes can attest to that.

Nothing else is out there moving around. I think it will take another hour or two before the squirrels bother coming around for their morning peanuts. I’ve noticed they like to crawl out of their nests and holes and sit in the sun for awhile before moving around. Much like me really.

I may have to force myself to get out and about today even if it’s sitting behind the wheel of my car, in it’s warmth and cruising around. If all goes well, I might be back at work soon and doing these Views from the Porch will pretty much come to an end. Hanging out watching the world around me during the day will end too. Work begats money which allows me to pay for a certain amount of stuff, but I don’t need much stuff. I should probably be grateful if the work does come through, but I’m not quite sure what to be grateful about.

In my world, hanging out watching the world around me during the day is much better use of my time. Gives me something to talk about with others. My wife has always noticed that when I am working, I never talk about work. I work, every week or two I’m given some money, what’s there to talk about?

Thanks for the money, I guess.