Walking and Fishing

Got out a couple of times this week walking and fishing.

One evening after work I went out walking with the hopes that the sunset would turn out better than it did.

Another evening after work I went out fishing, which requires walking.

I don’t understand how you can do the former without the latter.

I’ve always been intrigued by the abstract qualities of my surroundings. This goes back to my painting and drawing days 30 odd years ago. I have no clue if I successfully capture what’s in my minds eye, but I keep doing it. That probably accounts for the fact that I never get bored while out and about. Probably also accounts for the fact that others get annoyed with me if they happen to be out and about with me.

I’m easily distracted and tend not to pay attention to company very well.

As I look at the thousands of pictures I have laying around, I have hundreds of ways I want to see them put together. Combinations, associations, computer painted and played with.

I’ll get around to it some day, maybe.

Since I don’t seem to have the interest in reading and writing words lately, here’s a bunch of pictures from my two days of walking and fishing.

6 thoughts on “Walking and Fishing

    1. Ken G Post author

      I agree Howard, time well spent in my eyes.

      All but one, maybe two of the paintings have been destroyed. Got tired of having them around. All of the drawings are in the care of my daughters. Everything exists as slides, but I don’t have access to a slide scanner. That’s a future project.

  1. Rick

    I echo Howard’s comment, Ken. Feel free to post your artwork here. I haven’t had the opportunity to fish for a while but my favorite was always wading the rivers, not zooming around a big reservoir in a souped up bass boat (although I’ll always fondly remember trolling for salmon in Lake Michigan).

    1. Ken G Post author

      I quit painting and drawing Rick right about the time I moved out of Chicago when I was 35. They reflect the city punk I was and have a real urban feel to them. I always liked the drawings more than the paintings. That urban sentiment seems to have gone by the wayside as I age and wander around the woods and small water.

      I can handle small lakes in canoes and picking apart shorelines. Anything big and requiring a big motor and I feel kind of stupid casting into all that water. Plus, it’s kind of fun being towed around in a canoe by a good sized fish.

  2. Gramps (Mel)

    I encourage you to keep walkin’ and keep fishin’! Throw in the beautiful camera work and I get all excited about visiting your blog…………………….

    1. Ken G Post author

      Did a semi-industrial hike and sunset shoot last night Mel. That’s rare for me. On the little screen the shots look pretty good, we’ll see when I blow them up.

      Man, I need to retire and get my time back.

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