For the Love of Creeks

For the love of creeks and what they do for me.

Was going to launch into what a beautiful day it turned out to be today.

Was going to talk about the beneficial health affects wandering creeks has on me.

Was going to go on about the 100’s of bullfrog tadpoles.

About the sights and sounds and smells, especially of the honeysuckle.

Was going to mention all of the birds seen, especially the hawks.

Was going to go on and on about how far up the creek the gar have gone this year and how the removal of the 175 year old, eight foot tall dam a couple of years ago has been a raging success.

But the hell with all that, here’s a bunch of pictures instead.

For the love of creeks and what they do for me.

6 thoughts on “For the Love of Creeks

  1. Ken G Post author

    Thanks Jim. I think the long drawn out wordy version would have been good, but sometimes words fail despite my best efforts. I do need an even wider angle lens though. It was all so overwhelming when standing there. Father’s day is coming, I have two lovely daughters that love me to death…

    1. Ken G Post author

      Yes they do Mel. Over the winter I hope to have the time to play with a few of them more. I think some can be better.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Tim, I appreciate that.

      Was thinking of resurrecting one of my dead portable computers so I can sit outside and type when I feel like being more wordy. Now it’s a form of torture to sit here at a desk with a warm breeze blowing in the window.

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