Trout Is Good With Beer

Trout IS good with beer. I’m sure I can pick a trout species and find the perfect Sam Adams flavor to pair with it.

I have no doubt there are those out there scoffing and have an extensive list of white wines that would be better if only they could actually get themselves to eat one of their precious trout.

But I like beer.

Which is all besides the point. Point being, I thought I made it perfectly clear here back in January 2014 that I no longer wanted to be a Trout Unlimited member.

There are no trout in Illinois and I see no point in traveling to fish for them.

It took a few attempts at unsubscribing from their email to finally get that to work, but apparently nobody at the Oakbrook Chapter of TU seems to understand what unsubscribe means no matter how many of those I send back. I’ll still get an occasional email from them.

The paper mail still remains relentless though.

Seems like every week I get another offer from TU to subscribe. Each time offering still another enticement. Like I need another 10 flies that I can add to the other 100 or so I’ve received from them over the years. All of which go unused.

For some reason though, no matter how junky I think the junk mail is, I’m compelled to open it and look it over before tossing it all in the recycling bin. With the latest enticement from TU was a bumper sticker. It was about to get recycled when I realized that with a little doctoring, it would make a nice addition on the back of the Piece ‘O Shit Mobile.

So, there it now sits.

I think it looks good.

I never did finish my Is Good With Beer™ series to include trout. I do have one for Carp already done and up on my Skreened store and other fish species have long been planned.


I’ll need to get this done soon.

After all, trout is good with beer.

I should know.

10 thoughts on “Trout Is Good With Beer

  1. bob

    I am not a beer guy. Don’t like it actually. It tastes like carbonated piss. There’s a story behind that. Perhaps I’ll write it out on flickr with the appropriate image from my youth.

    Carp is good with a fine Chardonnay. Most fish is good with wine. Most wouldn’t know what kind of fish they are eating just by looks or taste. I don’t lie to people, but I will exercise strategic delay. I usually wait until after the meal to inform them. When we are away from the table.

    I’d rather they barf in the salon, than at the dinner table.

    TU loves you. Or they would if they knew you. Then again… perhaps not. Perhaps they sense you seeing them as Darth Vader,

    “We find your lack of faith disturbing….”

    Why am I writing this? On a Saturday night? To you….?

    I guess I need to up my game… :-0

    1. Ken G Post author

      I had a feeling you would come out on the Chardonnay side.

      Wine gives me a headache, except the really good, dark reds.

      Good beer is no different than good wine when pairing with food. I have a bit of experience with that. Used to hang out at a bar on the corner of Fullerton and Western that had hundreds of beers from around the world. A friend and I were slowly making it all around the world.

      Even as a kid, about 17, when you’d hang outside a bar and hit someone up to get you beer we all had jobs and asked for Heineken. We got swore at a lot.

      It’s time for bed now Bob. Go to bed, rest up to go fishing.

  2. Rick

    Breaded deep-fried catfish is heaven with beer (and hush puppies). I could see beer with trout, tho. Got a few groups myself, Ken, I send back all of their literature, think they’d learn I don’t want to be a member anymore. Makes me wonder how much they need the money if they can afford to waste mailing stuff out anymore.

    1. Ken G Post author

      The money issue is a big part of the point Rick. Seriously, haven’t been a member in two years. Sending me something to entice me at least every other week will get them nowhere.

      All this fish eating talk is making me hungry. Haven’t had fresh catfish and hush puppies in awhile. I may have to try some of the creeks around here and get them on the menu. Not sure I want to eat one directly out of the Fox. A few weeks in a creek should clean them up a bit.

  3. Howard Levett

    Pssst…Ken, it’s me. I’m over here. I’m traveling incognito because I don’t want those guys to find me. Living in a trout state you have to be careful who you talk to about eating trout. I like mine smoked with a nice cold beer. Any kind of beer. I’m not particular about beer and smoked trout. Wait…someone’s coming. If TU asks tell them you don’t know me.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Howard who? I don’t know any one named Howard.

      You want a real taste treat, muskie. I caught a lot of grief for that one, but man is that fish good eating.

  4. Gramps (Mel)

    Just lamenting with you here, Ken. Been there and done that with beer and trout. Also, with T.U……..

    Kept a little trash receptacle near my fishing bench, when it fill up with T.U. stickers, I take it to the trash!

    1. Ken G Post author

      Makes me wonder if I threw others out Mel. Can’t care what my car looks like, but I’ll definitely be adding more if any more come in.

  5. Justin Carf

    Just clicking around your blog and catching up on old posts, now that it’s snowing.

    I feel the same exact way about TU. There’s no trout in Illinois. I don’t want to knock on their organization, but not being a member and receiving so much mail from them is kind of off putting. I feel like they should focus more on greener ways to share their organization, plus I would hate for my donation to go toward their advertising costs. I don’t know anything, though. Could cost them practically nothing to do what they do for advertising. If that’s the case, good for them.

    I like beer, and I like fish. They all go together nicely.

    That carp shirt, is that a real thing? I dig it.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Just got more from them the other day Justin. Along with DU, used to be a member of that too. I kind of wish TU would send me more stickers to decorate.

      Yes, the carp shirt is the real thing, click on it. Over on the right side too. I suck at promoting this stuff.
      I have a Smallmouth Bass Is Good With Beer one too, but haven’t put that up yet. That should piss off a few people around here, which is the intent 🙂

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