A Seep

I call them swamps, but this one is technically a seep.

Said so on the nice informative sign not far away.

I don’t remember what it said a seep was. I don’t have an interest in looking up what a seep is.

Which is why I call them swamps. So much easier.

All I care about is… how do they look.

How’s the light, the reflections, colors, shapes and how do they all come together. This is the second time I’ve come here just for that and I may have to keep going back. See how it keeps changing.


Just a duck. Technically, a rubber duck. Dicky Duck to be precise. Has nothing to do with anything other than I like to take my little Dicky out for walks with me.


Stopped by a creek to shoot stream beds through water and see what the reflections looked like with a cloudless sky.



Wound up taking 247 shots this day with the last of them being sunset shots. Don’t feel like putting up any of those today.

Quite a few of the images of the swamp, stream bed and reflections have potential.

I need to revisit them over the winter, on a miserable cold day, when the last thing I want to do is be outside wandering around.

10 thoughts on “A Seep

  1. Rick

    Beautiful photos, Ken, very expressive. Seeps have many causes, no need to clutter up your article with them.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Rick, I just grabbed these real quick so I’m not even sure if they’re the best ones. Couple of weeks ago I took quite a few, so I have quite a few I can play with.

      I’ve known about this place for a few years. I do know seeps are what they sound like, the water comes up out of the ground. I’ll be back over the winter for the first time to see if they actually freeze over. I wonder if coming up out of the ground will keep them liquid, or at least part of it. I used to look into all the details of these things, now I’m just happy to know the name. I can live without the details.

  2. Justin Carf

    Learn something new every day. I never knew of a seep, but I’m still intrigued at learning the meaning of things, so, I’ll bite and look it up. ha. Great shots, Ken! That first one is my favorite. It looks like the leaf is reaching out for help.

    1. Ken G Post author

      I used to look everything up Justin, but now I’d rather spend the time wandering.
      Two weeks earlier there were a lot more leaves sticking up, the rain is knocking them down. My camera is on the fritz, but I think I still picked up the reflections okay.

  3. Rick

    Ken, if the seeps don’t freeze, could be some excellent spots to see wildlife looking for drinking water.

    1. Ken G Post author

      This is in a relatively big valley Rick and I know there are springs all around the area that never freeze. The hills/bluffs that surround it are a good 50 feet high. Even now, if you’re quiet as you walk up to the edge over looking everything, you always see a deer or two wandering around down there. There’s also turkey that wander around not too far away, so it will be interesting to go back there in January to see what’s happening.

  4. Howard Levett

    Just got a new camera Ken. A Nikon Coolpix S2800. Don’t look it up. The reviews aren’t that great, but I love it because it works great for what I do. That being said, I love the ducky. We see hundreds of them floating down Boulder Creek every year during Boulder’s annual duck races. If it wasn’t so damn cold here I’d wander around and photograph some stuff.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Don’t listen to the reviews Howard. The wife had an earlier version of it a few years ago and it does a pretty good job. Make an effort to learn some of the features and you’ll be doing just fine. She “borrowed” it to a friend that never returned it and now they’re not friends. I’d be using it if it were still around.

      Did you get the pink one 😉

      Aurora has a duck race every year, but they seem to do a good job of rounding them up. Found two this year, which is a first. One of them looked like it got chewed on by a muskie. I should have kept it, but left it on shore. The other I kept and just needs some cleaning. I know I wrote about them and they’re up here somewhere.

      1. Justin Carf

        Interesting. My hometown of River Grove started doing the same thing on the Des Plains River in place of their River Front Fest, because, no vendors wanted to do it anymore. I have never participated in it, nor have I come across any ducks. I didn’t think this happened anywhere else.

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