In 2015 I only took about 6,000 photo’s

In 2015 I only took about 6,000 photo’s, give or take a few. Which probably explains why I don’t have time to go back and play with them much.

Decided to start a project today. Went back to June 10, 2015 and a sunset storm I shot out at Silver Springs State Park that had some of the most amazing clouds I’ve ever seen. Took 209 shots that day.

I’ve set aside 6 single shots to play with, will probably go back for more. Also set aside 25 sets of 2 or 3 shots to make into panorama’s.

Picked out one of the simpler pano’s to start with. I try to keep the processing to a minimum and do my best to make it look like what I thought I saw. Then I turn it to black and white and make adjustments to that to make it have the same feel as the color shot.

We’ll see how this goes. Took a half hour to make the pano and get the colors the way I want. Took 7 minutes to turn it to black and white.

I need to retire and just play around. For just these 31 final images let’s say I spend an hour on each. It will take about 31 hours to finish this one little project. With a full time job eating up a good 12 hours a day, this could take some time.

That leaves me about 5,950 photos to go through and play with from last year alone. A rough estimate dating back to the year 2000 when I went digital shows I have about 25,000 more in my collection. Let’s say that only 5 percent may be worth playing with. That means I should be able to whittle it down to about 1,500 images to play with.

What am I getting myself into.

From here on I’m going to figure out how to make posts and galleries on my website for these. Might be a challenge. This site is reminiscent of the forums I’ve been leaving stories and pictures on for nearly 20 years. Takes no real effort on my part to put things here, it’s second nature.

For nearly five years I’ve had my eye on a paid theme called Photocrati that would work perfectly. That also shows how long I’ve been toying with the idea of making a switch like this. Each passing year has shown that my fishing stories keep getting shorter and the emphasis has been put on the images. I’ve always been image heavy, but now the images have a lot less to do with fish and fishing and the words keep getting fewer.

Well, I won’t fish again till the smallies start heading up the creeks some time in March. Which means I have some time on my hands till then.

But still, the thought nags…

What am I getting myself into.

10 thoughts on “In 2015 I only took about 6,000 photo’s

    1. Ken G Post author

      I probably did that awhile ago Bob, but the stories always went with the pictures.

      I’m toying with the idea of separating the photo’s from here completely. I have a couple of other websites I set up years ago for that purpose and have let them sit till the right time.

      Might be now. I’ll leave WDJ for the fishing and hunting and other rants, but something completely different for the photo’s might be in order.

  1. Gretchen

    Be happy with 6000 in a year – my guess on mine without looking is probably closer to 6000 a month lol –
    Will be looking forward to the changes ahead that you are considering

    1. Ken G Post author

      The new DSLR has driven that number Gretchen and is pushing the decision along. I’m still in playing around with the new camera stage after a year. Some day I hope to get as good as you. 🙂
      If it weren’t for the full time gig, I might be able to match you. Not sure the wife would like the stack of hard drives laying around to store all the photo’s.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Tracy, that seems to be the direction I’m going.
      Of course, I will have to put in the occasional fish come spring.
      Hope your still working as a designer somewhere.

  2. Howard Levett

    I’m afraid we’ve lost you Ken. I think you love clouds more than fish. That’s a great photography by the way. How’s the local water doing since the dam was removed?

    1. Ken G Post author

      Somebody else I’ve known for a long time said the same thing recently Howard. I think I’m just being pickier on my fishing.

      As for the dams, one was turned into a kayak chute, kind of like removing it and one was removed off the creek. The creek results have been nothing but amazing. Fish I didn’t know were even in the river are coming up the creek.

      On the river itself, because of the chute, I’m catching fish I’ve never caught before. I don’t mention it much cause then other fishermen will show up. Can’t have that.

  3. Walt

    All those photos are amazing, and daunting, too. Since starting my blog, I’ve filed away maybe half your number from last year, and even that is starting to boggle the poor brain. Like carrying too damn many fly boxes in the fishing vest. I’m getting better at simplifying, editing after each outing, keeping the numbers down, but really it boils down to whatever your goals are– in photography, fishing, or whatever.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Hard drive space is pretty cheap now Walt, but the problem is, the artist in me sees potential in even the so called failed images. I tend not to toss anything. I’m a digital hoarder I guess. Luckily I don’t do that with coupons, clippings and large objects.

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