The First Week of February

It’s only the first week of February and we have had an unusually mild winter, but it is even more unusual to see the daffodils and a few stray gladiolas already poking their heads above ground.

They are jumping the gun.


Normally this time of year the ground is frozen solid, there’s at least a six inch cover of snow and along the parking area is a wall of snow three to four feet high that doesn’t melt off till April.

This year there is nothing.


The first week of February I usually don’t even go looking for sprouts. March 1st is more toward normal, but bird feeders needed to be checked and there they were, sprouting already.

This corner is protected from the north and west, the prevailing directions of our cold winter winds and in the mornings the sun, when it appears, beats down on this spot and reflects off the house walls. It’s the only small section of the yard that stays snow free through the winter.

I could see why they’re jumping the gun. Yesterday it was 45 degrees out and this morning when I found them it was 41. Not normal for the first week of February around here.

They are in for a rude awakening though.

The next 7 days shows a few days with highs of 18 and lows of 6, but a little further out we’re back into the 40’s again. Almost spring like. And it will still be February.

The first week of February and already a false spring. I’ll take it along with the unusually mild winter we’ve had.

As the wife said, “this is why we need to move south, imagine it like this every winter.”

I can imagine that.

And I can also start planning for that to happen.


7 thoughts on “The First Week of February

    1. Ken G Post author

      A few years ago we got six inches of snow on April 4th Robin. It’s probably far from over, I’m just hoping. False hopes probably.

  1. bob

    I need to go fishing. Small fishing. There are steelies, browns and coho moving around the harbor mouths on the Lake – they think its late winter/early spring too. But the Lake is big water fishing; windy, cold, brusque and raw. I need, or want, small water fishing.

    False springs can throw the nervous system for a loop. But then again, can anything nature does be considered false? It simply is what it is and who are humans to say, “hey, this isn’t ‘normal’.” Even if there are (and there will be) dips down to colder, so what?

    I need fishing. Small fishing.

    In olden days, the fishin’ shows covered my winter needs. Now the fishin’ shows, they depress me. Not sure why that is. Not true. I know why that is. It’s just that is a conversation for another day.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Everything depends on how the rest of February goes Bob. I’ll let you know when the little water is ready. I’m surprised you don’t go up to the Milwaukee River and give that a try. I vaguely remember you doing that in years past.

  2. bob long jr

    when the air times get to be fifty in the sun, i’ll hit the Milwaukee and the Root (and maybe the Sheboygan and the St. Joe in Michigan) as the Steelies will be moving. Me standing around in 30 – 40 degree air temps for three to four + hours are no longer friends.

    1. Ken G Post author

      After today Howard, February is going back to normal. 30’s during the day, teens at night. Not what I was hoping for.

      El Nino, El Nina, basically mother nature is going to do whatever the hell she feels like. Typical woman.

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