An Hour Earlier There Were no Clouds

I had no intention of going out at sunset on Sunday because an hour earlier there were no clouds.

While doing dishes in front of the west facing kitchen window, I saw clouds building on the horizon and moving fast.

No time to go far, so I chose the barn spot ten minutes away. Good spot anyway. Highest spot on the ridge with a nice sweeping view to the west.

The winds were still intense, but not as bad as the day before and at least this time they were no where near as cold.

In the shots, this time, that’s rain coming down.

Colder than I thought it would be.

But at least I could get next to the east facing wall.

The wind would die completely, I wasn’t getting pelted by rain and if felt down right balmy out.

6 thoughts on “An Hour Earlier There Were no Clouds

  1. Bob Long

    we’ve no barns in chicago. not fair. we have old, abandoned buildings, but none with the character of barns. dammit.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Found even more of them in my Saturday wandering. Went to a couple of others only to find out they were torn down. Bummer.

      One of my goals this year is to wander around Montgomery and shoot the old industrial/manufacturing buildings that are left. Reminds me of Chicago.

    1. Ken G Post author

      I found quite a few others out that way Howard, but none of them are in such a perfect setting like this one. I’ll be visiting them all again. I’m sure I’ll find something interesting about them. I agree on the barn wood. Amazing the termites don’t do a better job on them.

        1. Ken G Post author

          I’ll go check those out Mike, thanks for thinking of me.

          I shoot them if I find them interesting and hope I’m in a decent spot. No clue if they’re boring or not, they aren’t to me and I hope others find them at least a little interesting. Especially if they didn’t get to go see it in person themselves.

          Morels are elusive for me, but my friend Ed tipped me off a couple of years ago where some may be. Since I’m not fishing much, may as well go hunt them down. You can bet I’ll put up pictures if I find them, but not the location 🙂

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