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It’s Lunch Time my Friend 7.28.11

I know, it’s early, but getting re-acclimated to a regular 9 to 5 job is kicking my time management ass.

I don’t have any time. Was barely able to go read a few myself this week so I’m glad a few reliable bloggers have stayed reliable. And well worth reading.

Looks like another hot one today so you may as well hang out in your own little air conditioned nightmare, relax and do a little reading.

Beats sweating bullets running around for lunch.

We’ll start off with my friend Bob Long, Jr. and take it from there.

How Does it Feel?

Dale somehow mixed together fishing and Bears camp.

Have time for some outdoors, Bears fans?

Erin always seems to come through with something.

Highcountry Lakes Revisited (after I grew up).

Quill Gordon always comes through with a touch of humor.

Flashback Friday: Got a Light?

Got to remember Gretchen now and then.

Good Intentions

Since you’re probably hanging out eating you may as well go read about eating, or cooking. Off on the right scroll down a little. You’ll see a heading called Favorites. Check out the venison chili. I’m sure you can substitute something else for venison, but I have some and will be trying it soon. I have a feeling a certain orifice is going to regret this.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

All right, that’s it, gotta go.

It’s Lunch Time my Friend 7.20.11

Well, if you’re reading this right about your lunch time and you’re in the Chicago area, it’s probably about 95 degrees out there right now.

You could go wander across the parking lot to your car, get in it, go wander around looking for someplace to grab a bite to eat. You might toy with the idea of sitting out in the sun somewhere as you nibble on your lunch, but that would make you an idiot and you’re not an idiot, are you?

No, you’re probably sitting comfortably in your air conditioned cubicle munching on a Power Bar from the vending machine and looking for something interesting to read. Why, here you go!

In no particular order:

Pre-Picnic Pescador Parlance

A Toast to the Unknown Guide

Heat Wave Fishing – Pressing My Luck

Irony Appreciation Day

Bad Habits

Sunday. Lethargic. Fishing.

Almost Heaven

All right, that’s probably too much.

It’s Lunch Time my Friend 7.14.11

“Thanks, but I’m going to be eating at my desk today, I’ve got a few things I need to get done.”

Fact of the matter is, you’d rather put a bullet in your head than listen to still another episode of “Little Joey goes Pee-Pee in the Toi-Toi all by Hisself.”

May as well read something.

Almost forgot that Owl Jones is making his way across the U.S. to go fishing. Click around and play catch up.

Going to Montana Soon, Going to be a Dental Floss Tycoon (Okay, I elaborated a bit. Couldn’t help myself).

Otherwise, in no particular order . . . .


Homestead Rhubarb

I really need to get out more.

Time to Fire up the Smoker

A Second Date

DPR Bass

That’s probably too much to read, so take a long break and look busy.

Little Joey went Poo-Pee in the Toi-Toi recently and do you really want to hear all about that?

It’s Lunch Time My Friend 7.7.11

It’s one of those days you’re feeling a little lazy, don’t feel like putting up with crowds on the street or in whatever food joints near work. You’ll be sitting at your desk through lunch today.

May as well have something interesting to read while you sit there. At least I thought they were interesting.

Eat, You’ll Feel Better

A Story not about Fishing

1980’s Kind of Style

Dog Days

The Small Town River

A Quiet Rest of the Week

Okay, that’s enough reading material. I’m going to try to do this once a week, but no promises. Knowing me, the day will be random and the time won’t be anywhere near actual lunch time.

It’s Lunch Time My Friend

A long time ago I worked as a janitor, second shift, in Sears Tower. 90 percent of the janitors were Polish. Lunch time would come around. You have to imagine saying this with a heavy Polish accent. Eets Loonch Thyme My Frrrrend.

We roll our R’s.

I wander around the internet and read a lot of different things. I plan on making this a regular feature. Lunch is coming, you have about an hour. You may not feel like going out anywhere. May as well get lost in some reading for a bit.

The first edition of this is a link to a friend. After this, I’ll just have links up there to things I thought were interesting on some level.

Bob Long, Jr. is interesting on multiple levels.

You need to bookmark this. You need to come back periodically to look for more. You need to go through all his galleries just looking at things and reading the words.

You won’t regret this.

Bob Long, Jr. on Flickr