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What the Hell are you Doing?

I walked into the kitchen. The wife was cooking… what the hell are you doing?

“I’m cooking up hot dogs for me and mom.”

(Insert laughing here).

I can see that, you’ve got a hot dog on a fork and are cooking it on a burner on the stove.

(More laughing).

“Of course, I do this all the time.”

(Still more laughing).

No you don’t. We’ve been together for nearly 9 years and I’ve never seen you do this.


(Still more. Besides the low light, the images suck cause it was hard to hold the camera still).

“I do this all the time when you’re not fucking home so I don’t have to put up with your laughing and standing here taking pictures.”

Seriously, did you think I’d respond any other way.

“Didn’t your mom do this for you?” I could hear mom chuckling in the living room.

Uh, no.


“I’ll bet your mom made up those hideous boiled things.”

Well, yeah…

“Damn Polacks boil everything to death.”



She finished cooking the dog and thrust the charred thing within inches of my nose.

“See, just like cooking it on a fire while out camping. Smells the same and just about tastes the same. Got anything to say about that?”

No, I’m pretty much speechless. (Cause I was laughing too hard).

“That’s gotta be a bitch for you, you always got something to say. Damn Polack.”


Sleepy Bees

I’ve always noticed that on cool, damp, drizzly days the bees don’t like to move around much.

Rather than busy bees, they tend to be sleepy bees.

Directly out my back door are sunflowers. They’ve been loaded with bees the last few days.

Today, this first one, has been sitting in the same spot for hours.

It even fell asleep with food all over its head. Pollen must do that to you.


There were two on another flower. The one has had its head jammed down next to the petals for hours.

The other has been doing its best to remain busy as a bee. It slowly goes back and forth on the same small sunflower over and over again. Every now and then it will walk out to the tip of a petal and vibrate the moisture off its wings. Then back to its slow exploration of the sunflower.


Come to think of it, that’s pretty much how my day has gone.


Sunset in the Neighborhood

Sunset in the neighborhood.

You take what you can get.

Or, you take what you got.

I live a short block from some busy railroad tracks.
Tiki the Bitch Queen likes to go for extended evening walks along the tracks.
Lots of fresh and new smells I guess.
She can shit where she wants and neither of us give it much thought.

Sunsets are more urban, more industrial, but I grew up that way a long time ago.
I guess back then I was an inner city kid.
Punk kids, I recall being called.
There are some things you’re perpetually used to.
Urban sunsets are one of those.

It’s no longer what I want, what I prefer.
But, you take what you can get.
Or, you take what you got.


In These Woods

In these woods, no one would hear you moan.
Oh, baby.
Oh, baby, baby.


All I can tell you is that it’s on an island.
Just before walking up on this, I spooked a family of turkeys.
Two adults and at least 10 young ones.
Which means they are living on this island.

Nearby I found a stack of unfinished wood.
I think this was built onsite with driftwood out of the river.

The no trespassing signs all over the place are to be taken seriously.
Depending on the mood of the owner, a trespasser will either be arrested or shot.
At least shot at.

Except for me. I have permission to be here.


Oh, oh, baby…


A Slight Shift in the Season

Today I could see, feel and smell a slight shift in the season.

Meteorologically after all, summer is two thirds of the way to being over.

I sit outside on my daily half hour lunch break.

I couldn’t help but notice today that the sun is slightly lower in the sky and the shadows are slightly longer.

The feel and smell are harder to describe.

The wind is both warm and cool.

For as much vegetation that is still growing, just as much is starting to die off.

I can smell that musty odor of decay.

This slight shift in the season is fine by me.

Fall is my favorite time of year and if it starts a little early, I can live with that.

As long as it doesn’t end too soon and winter sets in too early.

Sorry to all for not getting around reading and commenting on your blogs.
Sorry for not responding to comments here on the little I’ve put up this summer.
I’m approaching 20 minutes of sitting here doing this.
That’s enough.
Time to head back outside.