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Sleepy Bees

I’ve always noticed that on cool, damp, drizzly days the bees don’t like to move around much.

Rather than busy bees, they tend to be sleepy bees.

Directly out my back door are sunflowers. They’ve been loaded with bees the last few days.

Today, this first one, has been sitting in the same spot for hours.

It even fell asleep with food all over its head. Pollen must do that to you.


There were two on another flower. The one has had its head jammed down next to the petals for hours.

The other has been doing its best to remain busy as a bee. It slowly goes back and forth on the same small sunflower over and over again. Every now and then it will walk out to the tip of a petal and vibrate the moisture off its wings. Then back to its slow exploration of the sunflower.


Come to think of it, that’s pretty much how my day has gone.

Bigger is Better – Still just a test

I’m still playing around with setting up photos in some kind of gallery view, so these are just a repeat of stuff you may have seen elsewhere.

The plan was to use the Nextgen Gallery plugin, but the latest update crapped out and doesn’t work. I can go through the trouble of getting a patch and figuring out how to apply it, but in my simple mind, that’s bullshit. Release something that works. Don’t make me work around it.

So, I have Jetpack installed on this site. I have a love/hate relationship with Jetpack. I love all the modules that come with it even though I don’t use most of them and it seems extremely stable. Which it should be. I think it’s made by the same people that make WordPress, so it damn well better work seamlessly. What I hate is that I had to register with I didn’t want to do that. The most annoying aspect of that is that it is always asking to sign in to WordPress, even if all I’m doing is leaving a comment on another’s WordPress site. BUT, the most annoying is that when I go into my dashboard it will sometimes ask me to log in. Apparently the developers of Jetpack don’t understand the concept of the little Remember Me check box. The damn thing obviously doesn’t work for more than a couple of days at a time. It obviously has severe memory issues.

Anyway, they have a module called Carousel built into Jetpack. A basic gallery feature.

I used it in another recent post. I’m used to sizing photos so they fit the width of the blog column, that’s why I chose the themes I use. This one allows me to go with an 8 inch width on images. I noticed with the Carousel gallery I might be able to go even bigger. The ones in the gallery below are sized to 12 inches wide.

I’ll know in a second if it works…


Sunset in the Neighborhood

Sunset in the neighborhood.

You take what you can get.

Or, you take what you got.

I live a short block from some busy railroad tracks.
Tiki the Bitch Queen likes to go for extended evening walks along the tracks.
Lots of fresh and new smells I guess.
She can shit where she wants and neither of us give it much thought.

Sunsets are more urban, more industrial, but I grew up that way a long time ago.
I guess back then I was an inner city kid.
Punk kids, I recall being called.
There are some things you’re perpetually used to.
Urban sunsets are one of those.

It’s no longer what I want, what I prefer.
But, you take what you can get.
Or, you take what you got.


This is Only a Test

No, really. This is only a test.

So it’s a little boring, but I wanted to try out the WordPress Gallery feature. I keep going back and forth on using it, which I haven’t, or to continue to just put in images like usual, full size and you scroll down and down the page.

I’ve seen others use the gallery feature and it doesn’t bother me. For the most part.

The one thing I know I don’t like is that it won’t let me use the images that are on my image server. I have to upload all the images to the WordPress Media Library. I like to organize things in folders, by date and location. The Media Library just dumps things all together. I have over 2000 images on my server all nice and neatly organized. I can’t access any of them for this gallery feature. Unless there is a way and I just have to figure it out.


Nope, You’re Good…

…it’s not cancer, just an old gnarly callus.

That ended today what I knew was being considered months earlier.

The months culminated on Christmas Eve when the dentist first said it out loud… I don’t like the look of that lesion, it looks precancerous. Later, skip the pre shit. Looks cancerous. I know in my head I heard… Merry fucking Christmas to me.

A few weeks later, another doctor, a specialist. Poking and scraping and more poking.

Well, I’m 95 percent sure it’s nothing, but let’s do a biopsy in a couple of weeks to rule out that 5 percent (yeah, that’s what he told me, said the dead guy).

Back the day before my birthday (happy fucking birthday to me). Needles, scraping, cutting and the removal of a good chunk of flesh. Enough to require stitches to hold what was left together.

I’m sure it’s nothing I heard again. Come back in a week and we’ll have the results.

Nope, you’re good, I heard today.

Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Nope, I’m good.