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What to do What to do

One of these days I’m going to figure out what to do with all these pictures I take.

I find myself out wandering just shooting with no real thought given to them.

Most turn out quite bland and yet, in my head is an image stew.

Back when I used to paint I used to paint images over images over and over again.

My head is telling me to start combining these somehow.

Orderly, abstract, disparate, just put them up together somehow, one after another, above and below each other, nice neat lines, sporadic and let the images figure out whether or not they play well together.

I open folders and browse, couple of seconds per image. Playing the possibilities out in my head. Putting things together. Rotating them. Flipping them.

I have a memory for images, not words.

I walk away and they keep playing in my head.

Wake up in the middle of the night and the slide show continues.

One of these days I’m going to figure out what to do with all these pictures I take.

If for no other reason than I need to get some sleep.

Don’t Tell Anyone

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

I have three fly rods.

I have a nice selection of flies.

I know how to fly fish.

Now and then I’ll go use these tools and skills.


Even on those sluggish pond bass.

And the occasional little bluegill.


I’ve been thinking about using nothing but fly rods on the creeks this spring just to see what happens.

Of course, I’ll have to lie about it.

If I do well, nobody will believe me if I tell them I’m fly fishing.

Other fly fishermen only seem to appreciate struggle and missed opportunity.

So, keep this to yourself.

If word gets around, it will ruin my reputation.

Decisions, Decisions…

Decisions, decisions on where to go this weekend.

Do I go to this stretch of the river…

And try to catch a few of these…

Or maybe a few of these along with them…

Or do I go to one of the creeks that look like this…

And try for creek versions of the same fish…

Or humor myself catching these on the creeks…

Or do I go here, my secret ponds…

And try for these…

Or these…

Or maybe this big girl…

Or maybe some combination of all three places.

Decisions, decisions…

Whichever I choose, I really should take out my Dicky, give it a good washing and bring him along everywhere I go…

He’s getting a bit lonely.

Bamboo — The Last few Pictures

Got the rod out to a pond and a creek for the last couple of days I got to use it.

Skunked it on the pond, but fishing was a bit difficult that day anyway.

Now to sit down and write something semi-coherent about the rod and the experience. The rod was a pleasure to use. Fly fishing? I have issues with it.

For some fly fishing may be a way to achieve nirvana, a method of fishing that lets you enter into some mystical state where you become one with your surroundings. Heaven knows enough have written about such things.

It may be an extremely efficient way to cast flies and hope a fish may appear remotely interested.

But to me a fly rod is a tool and in this case, kind of like trying to split logs with a hatchet.

But I digress…


The Outdoor Blogger Network teamed up with Fall River Flyrods, Montana Fly Company and RIO Products this spring to put together a rig consisting of an 8ft, 2-piece, 5wt “South Fork” bamboo rod, Madison reel, and double taper, floating line to be fished by 15 far-flung anglers over the course of the season. One of those 15 anglers will own the rod, reel, and line when all is said and done, along with an accompanying journal in which all 15 anglers will record their thoughts and experiences during their time with the rod. With a first season like that, the story of this brand new rod is off to a very good start.

Poor Dicky

My new found buddy Dicky Duck and I have become inseparable ever since I saved him from being abandoned on the beach at Devil’s Lake State Park a couple of weeks ago.

He’s requested to come with me everywhere I go.

He seems to enjoy tagging along for all the fishing and wandering I do.

He enjoyed today’s walk through the woods to the ponds to do some fishing.

He enjoyed all the little bass and bluegills we were catching and caught on quickly that I swear considerably more when I miss what I think is a nice fish.

There was a lot of swearing going on, or so I’m told.

I did manage to land a decent spawned out largemouth bass that was around 18 inches or so.

Dicky begged and pleaded with me to get a better look at this monster of a fish, to him anyway.

So I gave him one.

Awwww, poor Dicky.

He didn’t find that even remotely funny.

He’ll get used to it.