What to do What to do

One of these days I’m going to figure out what to do with all these pictures I take.

I find myself out wandering just shooting with no real thought given to them.

Most turn out quite bland and yet, in my head is an image stew.

Back when I used to paint I used to paint images over images over and over again.

My head is telling me to start combining these somehow.

Orderly, abstract, disparate, just put them up together somehow, one after another, above and below each other, nice neat lines, sporadic and let the images figure out whether or not they play well together.

I open folders and browse, couple of seconds per image. Playing the possibilities out in my head. Putting things together. Rotating them. Flipping them.

I have a memory for images, not words.

I walk away and they keep playing in my head.

Wake up in the middle of the night and the slide show continues.

One of these days I’m going to figure out what to do with all these pictures I take.

If for no other reason than I need to get some sleep.


Walking and Waiting for a Sunset

With air temps hovering around 30 degrees on Sunday, meteorological spring, I decided that was good enough to go walking and waiting for a sunset. Anything colder than that, which we had for almost all of February, has become extremely disagreeable to my bones.

Plus, I needed the exercise.

The hourly forecast said the skies would vary between cloudy and mostly cloudy. I read mostly cloudy as partly sunny, so that little bit of sun through clouds can make for some outstanding sunset colors. Or a well lighted, thick gray mass. You don’t know till the sun sets.

I was surprised to see the amount of cars parked around Silver Springs State Park and on the trails, all the fresh foot prints. Partly sunny barely warm days will bring people out.

One of the plans was to gather up some watercress to take home. I seem to be on a salad binge lately, but this time of year requires a lot of store bought ingredients, which are fine, but I can taste the difference between store bought and home grown.

The spring looked to be in pretty good shape.


The watercress looked good, not quite fully grown out as it does during warmer weather, but a quick taste test proved the leaves were a little more bitter than how they taste the rest of the year. Springs around the corner, I can wait a couple more weeks or so.


This spring is also a magnet for wildlife, but I didn’t expect to see much because of the amount of people wandering around. I toyed with the idea of hunkering down here and waiting out the sunset and the arrival of the critters.

Maybe next time.

All in one spot, the tracks of deer, coons, squirrels, birds, rodents and coyotes.


I’m not much of a birder, I’d rather just watch them then go through the trouble of categorizing and identifying them, but if the opportunity to get off a shot presents itself, I’ll take it.




I tried to find some details worth shooting…


But I didn’t seem to be getting all that inspired.

So I looked for some nature made sculpture…


Not much of that around to inspire me either, so I simply went wandering through the woods.

The sky was shaping up to be a perfect sunset sky. As long as it didn’t revert to cloudy and stayed partly sunny, there was hope.


I hiked some more, waiting out the sunset only the clouds didn’t cooperate.

The meteorologists were wrong again.

Instead of waffling between cloudy and partly sunny, a north wind kicked up and blew all the clouds away.

Nothing but blue skies.

The extra sunlight was causing a slight fog to come off the snow cover.

I already knew how this was going to turn out. The sunset would still be beautiful as all are, but without the clouds, this one would be a bright orange glow along the horizon that blended into the bright blue of the sky.

I decided to watch this one in my rear view mirror as I drove home.


Don’t Tell Anyone

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

I have three fly rods.

I have a nice selection of flies.

I know how to fly fish.

Now and then I’ll go use these tools and skills.


Even on those sluggish pond bass.

And the occasional little bluegill.


I’ve been thinking about using nothing but fly rods on the creeks this spring just to see what happens.

Of course, I’ll have to lie about it.

If I do well, nobody will believe me if I tell them I’m fly fishing.

Other fly fishermen only seem to appreciate struggle and missed opportunity.

So, keep this to yourself.

If word gets around, it will ruin my reputation.


Perception Versus Reality

Apparently I wrote Perception Versus Reality on August 22, 2009, then did nothing with it.

On my computer desktop is a folder called Articles To Write. In it are 43 things, some text files where I apparently started writing something, the rest are folders organized in the way I do things when getting ready to put up a post here. For whatever reason, lack of time, interest or anything all that interesting to say, they never got done. I went through a lot of trouble picking out images to use since they are all manipulated and sized correctly. And there they sit.

In an effort to clean things up in my life this year, I’m going to make these go away and put them up here where they were intended. If there were no words to go with the images, I’m not going to bother writing any down now. If there were just words and no images, unless I can find some in less than 5 minutes, I don’t see any purpose in spending any more time on them.

I might put one up a day, or one a week, or I might dump a handful of them up here in one day. We’ll see.

I got bored with them once, I could see that happening again. So after putting up a handful I might find better things to do. Like fishing. Or taking a hike. Or napping.

Perception Versus Reality

There’s how things look and then there’s how you see things.

Or how you think you see things.


Back when there were no digital cameras you would have to bring in your roll of film and then wait a week for the 3×5 or 4×6 pictures. Duplicates if they were offering them for free.

Then you would pull open the envelope and thumb through the pictures.

Usually the first thing you think of is “that’s not how I pictured it.” Or, “why did I take a picture of that?” And then you would stash the envelope in a box or a drawer and forget about it.

Then some day you’ll die and some family member will find the pictures you took and start thumbing through them and the first thing they’ll think of is “why the hell’d he take pictures of this shit?”

And they’ll throw them all in the garbage.

That’s why I took photography years ago and had a black and white dark room setup. There was what I saw and what I wanted to see. Take the picture and then manipulate it till it matches what you thought you saw.

Or felt.

What I don’t do is mess with lenses much. Any idiot can slap a fisheye or wide angle lens on a camera and get an interesting shot. Same with telephoto lenses. Everyone makes a big deal about close up nature photos when in reality the photographer is a quarter of a mile away shooting away with a lens over 3 feet long.

Snap shots, stock lenses in the 35 to 55 mm range.

Makes you think differently.

How you going to get that close up nature shot now?


Well What the Hell is That

I believe the words well what the hell is that were the first ones to come to mind when I saw what I saw.

During the day, when at home, I take cigar breaks outside. Where depends on which way the wind is blowing. Today the air temps say it’s 18 degrees out with 15 MPH winds out of the NNW.

Which means I go out the back door, which faces south.

For some reason I went around one corner of the house, something I don’t normally do because there’s no reason to. This corner, protected on two sides, is one of the few spots that’s not covered in nearly a foot of snow.

This corner gets sun half the day and the vent for the clothes dryer is here. I’m sure these two things combined has helped keep this small corner snow free.

As I stood there I couldn’t help but notice, there’s green shit coming out of the ground.


I had to run back in for the camera.

Nobody is going to believe this.

February so far has not even come close to having normal temperatures. Just three days ago we set an all new record low for both night and day. The next 10 days show what has been happening all month. Temperatures struggling to get near 20 degrees.

Most days that’s failed miserably.

I had to check my records, I know I photographed this same phenomena last year.

Records show it was March 15th and there was just as much snow on the ground then that there is now.

I don’t want to take this as a sign that things are shaping up and spring will be here soon. The 10 day forecast shows more of the usual barely 20 degree days.

It’s just a fluke, a rare coincidence.

I see no point in getting my hopes up, but damn, I see green things.