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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, Carp!

I sat down with the intention of doing a nice little write up about bugs and carp and all kinds of stuff about fishing this time of year and deep down in my brain a little voice said…

“Don’t do it man, nobody really gives a shit. You don’t really give a shit. Get off your ass and go for a walk. Hell man, go stare at a spot on the wall, it will be time better spent.”

I always listen to the little voice in my head.

There are bugs, billions of bugs on the river and carp feeding on them.

Lots of both.

The bugs I can deal with.

I hate carp.

They’re in the way.

By the end of the month both will start to disappear.

September can’t come soon enough.

Catching just enough of these to keep things interesting. Catching carp is not interesting.

A few days earlier I had mentioned to Bob Long that I haven’t caught a drum on the Fox in years. Ask and ye shall receive.

Closer to the City, They’d try to Kill Them Off

There’s a massive bug hatch drifting around my neighborhood this morning. The morning sun streaks right down the middle of the street in front of my house and the bugs are lit up in gold.

The birds are going nuts and flying erratically, not knowing which way to go to suck down more bugs for breakfast.

This happens fairly often. Not quite sure where they’re coming from. I’m a couple of hundred feet from a heavily wooded ravine that has a creek and large, swampy flood plain.

I’m a few blocks from the river in a stretch that has an A rating for biodiversity.

They could be just coming out of the trees. Our dead end street is filled with them, especially old oaks. A couple of the oaks came down in the past few years. One by wind, one died standing. My neighbor started counting rings on one of the slices. He gave up at 200.

In the evening, sitting and watching the bug hatches by way of street lights is a form of entertainment.

We’re easily entertained.

Around here, the topic of spraying the streets to reduce the bug population never comes up. People will never win that battle here, so why even try.

The majority of the bugs are harmless and for the others, that’s why God created Deet.

Now and then a new comer to the neighborhood will start whining about the bugs, something must be done about the bugs.

We all nod, placate them with agreement we don’t mean.

When they walk away, we laugh.

They won’t be living around here very long.