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Off to a Slow Start

Off to a slow start, but it’s a start.

With the rain we had I didn’t even expect to get in the water let alone fish it. The creek of choice was still blown out, that one has a gauge, but history was telling me the other creek may not be bad.

It wasn’t. Up a couple of inches, but running crystal clear.

Went 3/6 on smallies. Foul hooked a couple of carp or suckers, but luckily they self released.


When I got there, a few kids were killing carp and suckers with bows. I’ll never understand that unless you’re eating them. Talked to one of them. They haul all the dead ones away like you’re supposed to, but the whole process just doesn’t make any sense. I could see killing off carp, but suckers?

Other than the killing, I was impressed with the one I talked to the most and his knowledge of creeks, fish runs and he keeps track of similar records as I do. We compared notes on fish catches and kills from the previous two years. His count last year was down over 75 percent from the year before that. I mentioned the brutal winter we had and the fish kills I saw. Was like watching a light bulb go off over his head and he asked more questions along those lines.

As I said, I was impressed.

Luckily they left as I was getting in the water and I had the whole place to myself for an hour and a half.

I needed that.

Out wandering around in the woods, or this time of year, wandering and fishing creeks, is the only way I know how to relax. I can sit all I want, read all I want, if I had a hot tub I could soak in it all I want, but nothing beats wandering down a creek, doing a little fishing and staring off into space. As well as letting my mind go along with the stare.


The fish were pretty much in one spot, so I stood pretty much in one spot and took a picture of the sunset over the creek every few minutes.

I look at them now and they are a bit repetitive, but then, I guess, that’s a sunset.

That slow decent below the horizon with a slight variation in light and color as it goes.

Just enough to keep you standing there watching the whole time.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, Carp!

I sat down with the intention of doing a nice little write up about bugs and carp and all kinds of stuff about fishing this time of year and deep down in my brain a little voice said…

“Don’t do it man, nobody really gives a shit. You don’t really give a shit. Get off your ass and go for a walk. Hell man, go stare at a spot on the wall, it will be time better spent.”

I always listen to the little voice in my head.

There are bugs, billions of bugs on the river and carp feeding on them.

Lots of both.

The bugs I can deal with.

I hate carp.

They’re in the way.

By the end of the month both will start to disappear.

September can’t come soon enough.

Catching just enough of these to keep things interesting. Catching carp is not interesting.

A few days earlier I had mentioned to Bob Long that I haven’t caught a drum on the Fox in years. Ask and ye shall receive.

This Trend has to Stop

Twice in barely a week while out fishing for smallies, I’ve caught carp. This trend has to stop. I don’t mind foul hooking one now and then. I can usually shake the thing loose without ever having to actually touch it, but these fish are hitting the lure with their ugly, puffy little mouths.

Over a dozen years ago I intentionally targeted carp. It’s a sad moment in my life and one that I wish I could forget, but the two cases of popped ligaments in my right hand are a constant reminder. On a cold fall or winter day, I can actually feel the sting in the area just below the pad of my thumb, near the wrist. A constant reminder of my misadventures with carp.

Then one day while getting ready to go out carp fishing, I was looking at myself in the mirror. I felt despondent, much like an alcoholic that just finished off a pint of mouthwash because there was no other alcohol left in the house. I didn’t want to do this anymore. It was a low point in my fishing adventures and I knew I had to stop.

And like throwing a switch, that realization, that admittance of weakness had me quit overnight. I never intentionally fished for those slimy things again.

Here it is July. My records show that it’s always been the toughest month for me when it comes to targeting smallies on the Fox River. I usually put up with anything that is willing to hit and even tolerate that tail or dorsal fin hooked carp, as long as I can shake it loose.

But these things have been hitting lures.

Hitting them like they’re smallies and forcing me to reel them all the way in and have to touch them in order to get the lure out. I can’t scrub my hands hard enough after doing this. The smell of carp seems to linger and the slime never seems to go away.

I’ve considered taking them home. I have recipes for carp and hear that when done right they don’t taste too bad.

And as an old Polish wise man once told me…

Available as a t-shirt!

I also hear they are an exceptional fertilizer for a vegetable garden.

I wonder if whatever they fertilize winds up tasting like carp.

Carp on a Stick

So, what kind of stick were you using?

A common question I hear from fishermen.
Always curious about what was being used
to catch a fish.

It varies, but it could be just about anything.

Spinning gear seems to get used a lot.

The weight of the spinning gear varies,
but generally pretty light.

Yeah, okay, that might be a sucker.
On a Rat-L-Trap.

There are those that will dig out
an old fiberglass favorite
just to see if it still works.

Then there are the long sticks.
A Tenkara rod comes to mind.
Before they telescoped,
they were made of sticks.

Bamboo is a stick
made into a long stick
or short, depends.

Some get out light long sticks
for the challenge.

While others insist
on the perfectly balanced long stick.

Shit, wait, how’d that species get in here?

I’ve come across sticks
and other things that could be sticks
tucked into the shore
with line tied on the end
and trailing out into the water.
Big hook on the other end of the line
with a gob of worms
or rows of corn attached.

Then there are those
that catch a carp on a stick,
take them home
and actually eat them.

But no, this is carp on a stick.


All Carp are Asian Carp

For the millionth time, still another article has appeared going on and on about the Asian Carp.

I have pointed this out numerous times, all carp are Asian Carp. To be specific, it’s the Silver Carp that has become an issue with its ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and a propensity to eat via filtration. Which I guess is not a good thing for tiny things.

So from now on, whenever I see still another article on Asian Carp, I am going to contact the writer to let them know what an idiot I think they are. Then I am going to contact everyone up the food chain from that writer that should have been fact checking the work to let them know that not only is they’re writer an idiot, but so are they for going along with this constant misuse of a term.

I’ll remind them all of a website called Google. If you do something so simple as, oh, I don’t know, type in Asian Carp into it’s sophisticated find feature, the VERY FIRST THING AT THE TOP OF A LIST of supposedly 1,090,000 results, is this:


Pretty much explains everything in relatively simple terms that even an idiot writer could follow, if they chose to.

As for a solution to the SILVER CARP problem, get a boat. Figure out how to drag a net behind the boat that is in a semi-circular shape. The bottom of the net should go about 5 feet below the surface of the water. Another 3 feet of net should stick out above the surface of the water (I’m not an engineer, I have no clue how to make that work).

Troll along and let the fish jump into the net.

Gather them all up, process them and sell them all back to China and other Asian countries. I hear they can be good eating.

But remember, no more Asian Carp comments unless you’re talking about all of the carp species. Silver Carp, get it right.

It’s the little things in life that will drive you crazy.