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A Little Bit of Color on a Gloomy Day

I thought I would add a little bit of color on a gloomy day.

So I went back to last week’s walk through a field of Virginia Bluebells on the floodplain of a small creek.

Hope you like Virginia Bluebells.

It’s all the color I have today.

Playing with a Photograph

On this relatively cold gloomy gray day, sitting around playing with a photograph seemed like the next best thing to do.

The photo at the top is from sunset Friday. It’s not retouched and straight out of the camera.

The next one shows how I usually manipulate virtually every photo that makes it on this blog and Facebook. Takes less than a minute. If the shot is halfway decent, the end result to me is halfway decent.


I decided to play around with an HDR image. Even though I’ve been using Photoshop since version 1, I’m all self taught. The things I have to do with it are pretty basic and I know virtually nothing about layers and masks and filters and all the other bells and whistles.

So, I took the original image, I shoot DNG files now so there’s a lot more color info, which I like, made two other files and changed the exposure up and down for each of those. Then merged them to HDR. Things came up I know nothing about that I had to make choices for, they seemed like logical photography choices, and after two tries I wound up with a psd image that I didn’t like.

So, I opened that as Camera Raw, which gets me to the place where I manipulate photos anyway, made some adjustments and wound up with the image you see next.


It’s not bad, but it shows me what I don’t like about HDR images.

They’re flat. For all the color and brightness and bringing out the subtle colors in the foreground and brightening them in the background, it flattens out the whole thing.

At least to me.

That’s not how I see things. I see things bright and colorful, which is why I have to beef up the photo’s to begin with to get what I saw, but there’s a certain point where HDR seems to eliminate all the subtle shadows.

That’s what gives an image it’s depth, the subtle shadows and color shifts.

So, I’m going to stick with what little I know when it comes to playing with a photograph.

It gives me what I want and how I see.

Bright colors, deeper shadows and lots of depth.

One of the other things I’ve been trying to do when playing with a photograph is converting them to black and white.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

But I’ve done a lot of black and white photography in the past, so when I convert photo’s to black and white in Photoshop I play with the sliders to make the black and white come as close as possible to the color tones in the color photo. The end result below is from the second photo above.

There are times I like the black and white photo better than the color version.