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Merry Christmas, Norm

This Christmas morn, the mother-in-law is off at a nursing home recuperating, the wife is still fast asleep. The dogs have all been let out and no longer pacing and restless. The house is quiet except for the young cat. A Christmas tree ornament really did need to be knocked off the tree at 6 AM and rolled around the house for the next two hours.

I’m sitting around waiting, to go get my daughters, to go hang out with family for the afternoon. Probably eat too much later. I hope.

In my email is a fishing report from Norm. He’s been playing around with words. He does a decent job of playing.

Reminded me of why I fish, or go fishing.

I think there’s a paragraph in there about a fish being caught.

The caps and collars of ice on the flooded brush gave mute testimony to the river dropping an inch. As I looked around I saw the sunlight reflecting off them in myriad ways when the branches swayed with the wind.

When the sun was higher in the sky, it’s light dappled and danced on the water’s surface as it bounced over a riffle. It’s warmth was a welcome respite to the bite of the winter wind.

While walking through the forest on a path worn by generations of fishermen, I came upon a wonderous sight. There on the forest floor hidden from the sun were small collections of individual snowflakes. Their delicate, translucent white was contrasted by the green moss covered logs and curled, rusty leaves upon which they lay. When I lifted a leaf to marvel at the beauty of the flakes they were exposed to the sun. Thus warmed, they began to disappear into dull blotches of wetness. With regrets for destroying such ephemeral beauty, I laid it back in the shade of a log hoping to preserve some of it.

At the junction of the lower, clearer water of a creek and the higher, muddier water of the river, I worked a Husky Jerk against the current. After a pause during which it fluttered suspended in place, I felt some weight and set the hook. A smallmouth of respectable size though unmeasured was quickly released without being lifted from the water.

While walking back along the creek, I found a log in a sunny spot to sit and relax. The sound of the water moving over the creekbed and the warmth of the sun soon had me mesmerized into a state of mediative peace. That was interrupted by a tapping noise to my right. There, a small woodpecker was investigating the possibility of a meal up in the tree. That was a reminder of my own need for nourishment as well. It was with great reluctance that I re-entered the world of time as measured by man’s reckoning not nature.


Went through some old photos, Norm, to give people an idea of what inspires you. Granted, it’s while I was out there hunting years ago, but I think it makes the point.

Merry Christmas Norm, and thanks. I needed that this morning.

Well, Merry Christmas then…

Throughout my brief, part time work day I have to deal with people. Not always pleasant, and today was one of those days where the unpleasant ruled. I kept thinking about how much people annoyed me, how I really just don’t like them much and how it would be so nice to not have to deal with them on a regular basis. They can ruin your day.

On the way home from work I stopped at a WalMart that I rarely go to in order to pick up a few odds and ends. Because of lack of cash lately, I’ve gone without honey for over a month. In that first cup of coffee, drizzled on ice cream when I can afford ice cream, it’s one of those things I do to treat myself. With the crap part time job I’m working and the bad day I just had, I decided I needed that treat.

Honey is cheap at Wally’s World, but then, what isn’t. A three pound jar for under $9 you won’t find anywhere else. And there it was, sitting on the top shelf, all the way in the back. The last jar. At 5 foot 9 and not the longest arms in the world, it was far out of reach. I considered standing on one of the lower shelves, but I knew how that would turn out.

I wandered up and down the aisle looking for anything that might give me the reach I needed to reach what I wanted. Nothing in sight. Tools and brooms and things with long handles were all on the opposite side of the store. No small feat to go fetch one if you know how cavernous these stores are, but it was being considered.

At that moment a woman appeared in the aisle. She was riding one of those motorized shopping carts that WalMart supplies if you can’t handle walking the miles of aisles.

On top of her pile of odds and ends was a cane.

I couldn’t believe it.

“Excuse me, this is going to sound really weird, but could I borrow your cane?”

Without hesitating she lifted it up and handed it to me. “You must need something real bad.”

“You’ll see in a minute, I have to have my honey.” As I scooped the jar from the far reaches of the shelf I heard her laughing behind me. “I owe myself a present for the day I’ve had,” I told her as I put her cane back on her pile.

“Well, Merry Christmas then, I’m glad I could help.” And she laughed as she motored down the aisle.

I have a very good friend that is religious, very much so. I am the polar opposite. He’s not the bible beating holier than thou type and our conversations on the subject are very rewarding. When he reads this, I’m never going to hear the end of it. This is the very type of thing that he believes in. When in need, God gives what is needed.

On many different levels apparently.

Part of me wishes the events of the day didn’t turn out like this. That what is written above never happened and I made it all up to make a point. But then, I wouldn’t be sitting here with goose bumps on the back of my neck dwelling on the symbolism behind this days series of events, would I?

I’ll chalk this up to coincidence for now. Really, what else could it be?