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Was it the Fudo that Helped Get us Here…

Three weeks ago we rented this new house, getting us out of a slum lord situation and the shit hole we were renting from him.

My wife has heard me talk about Fudo’s in the past, but being a non-believer in damn near everything, I think she just humored me.

A couple of months ago I hung a Fudo outside the door of the shit hole. We had been struggling to find a place to move and nothing was coming our way. Within 3 weeks of hanging that Fudo, we found the place we just moved into.

It feels good here, like a home.

In the picture, if you look, you’ll find the Fudo. The wife insisted that it hang prominently centered on the front porch. I’ve mentioned moving it elsewhere, but she insists that it stays where it is. As she says… it found us this place, it stays put.

Robin, if you’re reading this, I read everything you put up, I just don’t participate much anymore. But if it weren’t for you and your site, Rusty Ring, it makes me wonder if I would have wound up here, now, with a happy wife. All because of a Fudo… or so she says.