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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Okay, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas is pretty much a line of bullshit.

I can’t recall ever wanting or dreaming about a white Christmas.

Not even as a kid.

I can’t recall ever dreaming of snow.

If snow were ever in a dream, that would be a nightmare.

I guess a nightmare is just a dream with an end result you didn’t like, but now we’re getting into one of those sophomore Liberal Arts semantics games that I always found painful.

Well, anyway…

I like sunshine and rainbows.

Okay, no rainbows. I don’t have any rainbows, or at least none that I could find.

How about cattle. I got cattle.

I like sunshine and cattle.
Sunsets and rivers or sunsets on rivers.
Beautiful spacious skies.
Amber waves of grain.
Corn, I got lots of corn. I like corn. Corn fields at least.

I dream in Technicolor.
Bright colors.
Over saturated colors.
Colors that make your eyes hurt, but they’re so damn beautiful you just have to keep looking at them.

Wizard of OZ color.
Without the little people.
Or witches.
Or evil flying monkeys.

That gets back to that whole nightmare thing again which puts it right up there with snow.

Well, anyway…

I would be perfectly content to never see a white Christmas ever again, except in pictures.

Same goes for snow in general.

Long term plans are being made to accomplish this.

Till then, I’ll at least live in and relive my amazing technicolor dream world.

View from the Porch – White is a Color

Don’t even try talking to me before I’ve sucked down a couple of cups of coffee. Coffee must be sucked down while I’m out on the front porch, with a cheap cigar.

Stepping outside and seeing everything covered in white made me feel good. Nearly four months of nothing but brown and gray was getting to me. I need color. White is all colors in the light spectrum combined, so that will do for now.

We barely got a couple of inches, but I had to quickly shovel off the porch so I could stand in comfort with my coffee and cigar. The snow was heavy. I like it that way.

I didn’t expect to see or hear anything in terms of wildlife. The ground critters couldn’t be bothered, but I was surprised at the amount of birds seen and heard. It may as well have been a warm sunny morning. The birds seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I have long sidewalks, a lot of driveway, a carport and a big deck that all needed snow cleared. I was in no hurry. It’s a nice exercise routine. Works quite a few muscle groups and a few hours later, all my muscle groups are feeling the burn. It’s a good feeling. I refuse to use a snow blower. Muscle is good. When I was done, I put up a progress report on Facebook:

When shoveling snow, I refuse to use a snow blower, the former architect/sculptor in me won’t allow things to be done in a haphazard manner.

The end result has to be visually appealing some how.

I’m so happy with today’s results that, of course, I had to sign it…

Down on the river, out on the island, a couple of adult bald eagles and a couple of juveniles seem to have taken up residence. I see them all the time now. While shoveling they were noticed out over the river, drifting. Two drifted inland and over the ravine a hundred feet away. One adult and not far behind, one juvenile.

The analytical half of me wants to look up all the details of bald eagle behavior. The other half is perfectly content at observing and making things up based on what’s been observed. It’s not necessary to suck the mystery out of everything in life.

Somewhere down stream these eagles nest. A few years ago I found a nest, but they’re so big and heavy that it eventually crushed the tree it was in. I think I know where they moved, but finding them will require bush whacking far beyond any I’ve done to get to remote river and creek fishing spots.

The burn in my muscles is telling me I’m not in shape for that yet. Time to bring all the weights in from the garage and put them to use. I refuse to become one of those old overweight waddling guys. I can deal with old, not the overweight and waddling.

Full Moon Snow

Tuesday night I was restless. Exhausted, yet not tired enough to sleep. I blame adrenalin when I get like that. Not that I did anything all that exciting or not that anything all that exciting happened. I think it just kicks in when I’m exhausted.

The dogs get that way too. Click, click, click on the tile floor of the kitchen downstairs as the dense dog wanders back and forth through the house. The tone of the clicks change, now she’s wandering around on the wood floor of the living room. A wide slow circle around the house and back onto the tile. I know she has her nose to the ground, might be a speck of food somewhere, she’s a Hoover.

This gets the smart dog going. She has to do her rapid pace throughout the house, going from window to window to see if she’s missing anything. Rapid clicks from the kitchen door to the living room window, back again, a slight pause. Back to the living room window.

After a half hour of this I have dog meat recipes mulling around in the deep recesses of my brain. Whatever it takes to make this end. Going out is not the issue, it’s only been a couple of hours. They’re just restless and I swear they do this on purpose to get on my nerves.

Clock says a couple of minutes before midnight. How did that happen. Enough is enough and I’ll force myself to sleep if I need to, somehow.

But first a cheap cigar out on the back porch as the dogs go run off whatever it is that’s bugging them. The possum under the porch needs to be checked on, the stench of a squirrel is lingering on the tree. The fence line along the neighbors yard has to be thoroughly sniffed.

It’s light out and yet, it’s snowing. There are no lights in my back yard. It’s the full moon and yet, it’s snowing. The dogs are white and now they’re just a different shade of white milling around the yard. The smart dog stops, nose in the air. Sniffing I imagine, or wondering like me, how the hell can it be snowing with a full moon out?