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What? That’s just a Fishing Report!

Well, not this time.

On a good day while out fishing, words will sometimes wander around my brain that I can eventually put together into a semi-interesting blog post.

Other times, the best I can come up with is “nice fish” and a bad picture.

I should record things while I’m out wandering. Amazing how thoughts are so fleeting and try as you might, never quite the same when you sit down to recall them later.

I’ve avoided putting up blog posts that read too much like a fishing report. No number counts, or few. No endless gear reviews of what I happened to be using that day. Generally, I throw what I think fish will eat. Preferably, while it’s attached to a hook of some kind. That’s about as technical as I like to get.

I see no reason to put up posts with more technical details than that. I would bore myself to death.

But I do get out fishing at times where some might find a fishing report helpful. Especially if you live within 50 miles of the Fox River. I still doubt if I’ll dwell much on the technicalities. No matter how you phrase it, it’s dull.

I’ve been involved with local fishing forums since 1997 or so. I think I’ve been on all of the ones in the Chicago area at one time or another. In 2001, I had my own. Didn’t last long. Like all fishing forums it degenerated into stupidity triggered by those that like to hide behind aliases and anonymity.

In January of 2008, I started another one. This one started out semi-private, strictly word of mouth. The stipulation this time was that if I didn’t have you on speed dial in my phone, you had to sign on using your real name.

Amazing how few are willing to do that.

What I did find out over this past winter while manning a booth at a few fishing shows, was that there are others out there that are annoyed with many of the local forums. For the same reasons as me.

I recently decided to make my forum public, but the stipulation on using your real name still stands. Real names make people accountable for what they say and, I hate referencing people by nickname when addressing them. I’m 56, that crap ended with grade school.

So, there’s a chance there will be a slight drop off in the number of posts put up on my blog. There’s a good chance that there will be fishing reports of some kind on the forum instead. Not every outing is all that interesting and warrants a “good post” designation.

If you care to see those fishing reports or to even leave your own, go to the following link and follow along with what it says.

Waterdog Journal Forum

But remember, unless you have a name like Quill Gordon, Owl Jones, Roderick Hawg-Brown or something else I would readily recognize, you have to use your real name.

Otherwise, don’t bother.