Fox River Guiding With Ed

Got Ed out for a guided trip to the Fox River today. Even though he lives and owns a business in Aurora, Illinois, by his account the last time he fished the Fox River was when he was a kid, around 35 years ago. Back then it was for panfish.

His expectations were high, “I don’t expect to catch anything.”

Talk about pressure.

New waders, boots, rod and reel and he was all set to go.

This was going to be more of a teaching trip too. He wanted to learn to read the water and where to go so he can make more time for himself doing something he liked.

It wasn’t hot and heavy, but a few fish cooperated. Of course the big ones got away. The first two fish hooked were seen before they threw the hook. They were impressive fish.

Since this was his first time wading the river, I warned him ahead of time that he was going to feel it the next day. He did well wandering the river and hardly stumbled at all.

Wading is deceiving, you don’t notice the toll it’s taking on your legs till you get back on dry land. I believe the first comment I heard was “I see what you mean about how I’m going to feel this.”

Ben Gay works.

For those of you that like Handmade Sausages and Smoked Meats, Ed owns Wurst Kitchen in Aurora. Check out the website.

Wurst Kitchen

I was presented with 4 big summer sausages. I’m looking forward to cutting into them.

Oh yeah, the fish and pictures.

Ed wound up landing 3 smallmouth bass. Like I said, nothing hot and heavy, but at least it wasn’t nothing.

7 thoughts on “Fox River Guiding With Ed

  1. bob long

    My goodness, look at all of that new gear. I’m so effing grungy I’m damn near a walking “condemned” building. Glad he got fish, Glad he felt the tug, the heartbeat, the loss of a heavy fish, the weary legs (that will – tomorrow – talk to him a bit further about his activities today).

    Wurst sounds like the best.

    I could NOT resist that.

  2. Ken G Post author

    He’s going to feel it pretty good in the morning. That’s why God made Advil.

    My waders bit the dust with today’s venture. Not quite swimming in them, but close. Why wear them if I’m going to get that wet. Had to order new ones today. Kills me to do that. I should be the official wader tester for everyone. Not one pair of waders in the past 15 years lasted one fishing season without leaking. But then, you’ve seen what I put them through. I don’t saunter up to a shore to dabble my feet in the water. More like crawling through the woods on my hands and knees because I follow critter paths and critters ain’t that tall.

    The pictures are pretty funny. I wasn’t that bad.

      1. Ken G Post author

        I’ve been using Cabela’s waders for years. I’ve done the high end, over $300, once. I usually get the Guide Techs, about $200.

        Doesn’t matter. I beat them to shit and within 4 months they’re leaking somewhere.

        I’ve always wanted to spring for Simms, over $400, but I have a feeling I’ll have them leaking in 4 months.

        If anyone knows any wader reps, have them get in touch with me and I’ll help them develop a wader that lasts more than 4 months.

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