The Weekend from Hell

I’m too exhausted to sit here filling in the captions and blanks with words.

It’s been a long weekend and it really isn’t over yet.

It all started Friday night around 9 PM when the sky gods decided they no longer liked Yorkville.

Then proceeded to try to destroy it.

They didn’t succeed.

The pictures are in chronological order starting right after the storm. The shot of the car with the tree on it is our neighbor. We used to rent that house. She found out why we never parked in that spot.

Never did trust that tree.

The rest of the shots are from all around the house I’m renting now.

It was a mess.

You could imagine when it all started, the power out, us running around in the dark trying to close windows and all this started coming down around us just a few feet away.

The sound was incredible.

Odd part was, we never panicked. I’m sure we did all the wrong things from a safety standpoint and I got yelled at quite a bit when I went outside in the middle of it all just to watch all hell break loose.

I love those moments.

Some pictures, okay, 35 of them, then off to bed. I need sleep desperately.

Oh yeah, the tree in the wires is still sitting there almost 72 hours later.

It’s become the neighborhood sculpture.

My poor grill. It was perfectly seasoned after all these years. It will be awhile before I can afford to replace it.

16 thoughts on “The Weekend from Hell

    1. Ken G Post author

      Surprisingly little damage around me Jim. Just looks like a bomb went off in the neighborhood.

      One gutter needs to be repaired and one garage window needs to be replaced. It was punched out by a tiny, 2 foot long twig.

      Go figure.

      I am tired and I have a lot of firewood to cut up now. No hurry on that.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Yeah, me too. Thought it was salvageable until a close inspection.

      Pretty much destroyed. I may set it up on a stump in homage to the storm.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Made out surprisingly well. The city is saying a micro burst, which nobody believes. Others are saying a tornado went directly over head, but didn’t touch ground. Considering the damage in the area, most of us are going with the later. Whoever heard of a mile and a half wide and at least 10 mile long micro burst.

  1. Pam Funk

    Wow! You’re not kidding about all hell breaking loose! I’m glad no-one was injured (though the squirrel looks like he’s in shock). Thanks for sharing the pics.

    1. Ken G Post author

      The squirrel took it in the arm Pam, you could see the blood. He went up there to lay out after letting the crazy squirrel lady feed him.

      All the squirrels look a little lost.

  2. RK Henderson

    Dang! Even the squirrels are exhausted! Looks like the ice storm we had last winter; maybe even worse.

    Just when you thought you were safely in summer….

    Glad everyone came through unscathed. Happy chipping to all.


    Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

  3. bob france

    Just when you think your trees are safely treated for ash borers and dutch elm disease, along comes 90 mph wind…

  4. walt franklin

    Sorry to see you’ve been digging out from down under Nature’s wrath, but glad to know everyone’s stronger for it. Out here, we missed that storm, luckily, but my son’s place in VA got hammered, too. If you had landed out in Kansas I’d have missed even more of your posts.

    1. Ken G Post author

      The squirrels are taking it the hardest. Been watching them. They go up to the broken branches in the trees, sniff the broken part, bite it, then leave. Really odd.

      Clocked at 98 Bob, which would have put me in Ohio or your sons place in Virginia Walt.

      I knew I should have put on my Superman cape.


    You Yorkvillians got hammered!!!! Sure…Brookfield had a few downed trees and blown transformers, but nothing compared to what you all got! Thanks for the pics – I’m glad you are still around to share them

    1. Ken G Post author

      Today is another day of clean up Jeff. Not done yet. Lots of little stuff all over the ground, logs to cut up to fireplace size…then wait till they remove the two big trees.

      I’m kind of getting used to the big one that’s on a 45 degree angle.

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