A Short Sunset Cruise

On some days I have a choice.

I can either stop and fish somewhere on my way home from work for maybe a couple of hours.

Or I can let the crud that builds up in the recesses of my brain slowly drive me crazy, make me irritable, annoying or whatever those around me like to call me.

To save myself from having to listen to still more words from others, I stopped for a short sunset cruise.

Afterward I put a short note on Facebook

Four species of fish caught, three deer watching me fish, a stunning place to spend a couple of hours at the end of the day, a big old cast iron wagon wheel, an old cast iron handle from what was probably a chest and a clam shell with holes in it from when they used to make clam shell buttons around here 100 years ago.

Not a bad sunset cruise.

And that it was.

10 thoughts on “A Short Sunset Cruise

  1. bob

    love the images, the stories – short or long – that go with them. Marvelous, comforting, seductive

    1. Ken G Post author

      You don’t get that same comforting and seductive feeling out on the river Bob. Got to go small and smaller.

    1. Ken G Post author

      My intentions when I sit down and the computer Jim is to do things like I used to. More descriptions both internally and externally. Then I look out the window next to me and say the hell with it. I’m gonna go sit outside. So I whip it out, put it up and go sit and listen to the tree frogs.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Like your little creeks Walt. I should apologize again to everyone else for just lurking on their sites and not commenting. See what I told Jim above. It’s hard to sit here. Like now, outside the window, crickets, tree frogs, an owl. I’m typing this as fast as possible so I can go back outside and sit in the dark and listen.

  2. Richard Velders

    I’d fish for walleye early in the evening at my inlaws place in the UP. I called it instant tranquilizer. So peaceful. Viewing the tranquil pictures of the nearby river and creeks is great but wading out on the local waters is so much better.. I have instant tranquilizer without a 10 hour drive.

    1. Ken G Post author

      It’s rare that I drive over 15 minutes Dick.

      Next weekend. Water will be low. Great time to go explore. I’ll call.

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