There was a Point to This

There was a point to this, all these pictures, but I’ll be damned if I can remember any more.

When I head out fishing, taking pictures is somewhere in the back of my mind, but they happen hopefully between catching fish. Or maybe of the fish if the fish is picture worthy.

When I head out wandering around with my camera, the point is to take pictures. Sometimes that’s a failure and I’m totally uninspired.

Usually I wander around with a running dialogue in my head that gets filled in by pictures. Or maybe the pictures start the running dialogue. Or some combination of both.

This goes back to my painting days 30 odd years ago when I would write on my paintings. A little description or dialogue I guess that I thought went well with the painting.

The problem with walking around taking pictures and having a running dialogue going is that I tend not to retain words very well. It all sounds so good while I’m out wandering around, but by the time I get home and find the time to sit down and do anything with all the pictures, I’ve pretty much forgotten all the words.

Sometimes I can’t remember what I had planned on doing with the pictures.

If I find the time to do something with words or pictures within 24 hours, things seem to go okay. Last week within 24 hours I put together the panorama shots I had intended and put up a post. The other 130 or so pictures sat and languished all week. I had already gone through and picked the ones I wanted to use, no doubt these had words associated with them last week, but this week, I got nuthin’.

Nothing but the pictures.

Best I can come up with for words is that it was sunny out on a weekend, which is rare.

Temperatures were tolerable.

The sunset was better than I expected.

That pretty much sums it up.

6 thoughts on “There was a Point to This

    1. Ken G Post author

      I think I need to work a little harder and learn a little more about my camera to get near great Howard.

      Right now I’m settling for not too bad.

  1. Jim McClellan

    Your point is well taken, by me anyway. The pictures are amazing. I love the perspectives. About the memory retention thing — somebody told me it doesn’t get better as we get older. Forgot who said that, though.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Luckily Jim, my visual memory is as strong as ever. Just don’t ask me directions, I remember vague landmarks and not street names. I’ve had guys walk away shaking their heads and wondering why they bothered asking.

      I should put all all my other false starts from the past few years. Pictures all ready to go, some aren’t bad. Who cares about the words any way.

  2. Kelly Temple

    I can totally relate to the photo/dialogue-in-the-head-on-site/sitting stunned at the computer when I get home. Happens to me most of the time. Enjoyed the photos even without the words, and what a gorgeous sunset that was!

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Kelly. I really should carry around a voice recorder, but then I’d probably forget to listen to it. That was a good sunset, they’ve become rare around here again.

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