A Couple of Creek Walks

Went on a couple of creek walks Friday and Saturday. Decided to finally hit the Fox River on Sunday.

I’ll take the creeks.

The fishing in the creeks has been less than spectacular this year, but doing okay is better than doing nothing at all. I still think it’s because we really haven’t had that much rain this spring. Enough to keep things growing, but we’ve had no major high water events on the Fox at all. I think the fish have had no real reason to head up the creeks for their annual spawning run. Why run up a creek if staying in the river is working out just fine.

But, what do I know. I’m no fisheries biologist. I just wander around and observe things, then my brain makes all the connections gathered over the years and draws a conclusion.

The creeks are stunningly beautiful right now. Bright greens of spring, dense under growth, all kinds of flowers and a wide variety of wildlife.

Fishing seems secondary, which it pretty much has become.

My one venture out into the Fox on Sunday resulted in catching one smallie and seeing a gar for the first time ever in this stretch of the river, but not once did I raise my camera to take a picture.

Too wide, too far away, not interesting.

I may have talked myself out of fishing the river much at all this year. The creeks have so much more to offer, at least in terms of sights and sounds.

And if the smallie fishing sucks, so be it. I’ll scale down and play with creek chubs.

The river simply doesn’t provide what I need. The quiet, the closeness, the solitude and the wildlife practically sitting on your shoulder and talking into your ear.

Yup, sounds like I’ve convinced myself.

From Friday’s creek walk:

From Saturday’s creek walk:

From Sunday’s river walk:

I got nuthin’.

8 thoughts on “A Couple of Creek Walks

  1. bob

    I must admit, until the mosquitoes come and demand their pound of flesh, their pint of blood, the creeks are exquisite places to fish, see, contemplate, and meditate. and photograph. Gotta remember that. If I had discipline, I’d leave the rod in the car and wander up and down the creeks with the big nikon and lens bag. I’ll work on that.

    1. Ken G Post author

      I’ve got plenty of repellant in the car Bob, if I remember to put it on.
      I joke with Di that eventually I’ll be wandering the creeks without the rod. Just go for a walk down them. Did that this past fall a few times and enjoyed it. Already knew there would be no fish to be caught at that point, why clutter things up.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Chris. I hope between all your electronics building you’re getting a good garden growing. You’ve been quiet.

  2. Richard Velders

    Creeks for beauty. Elsewhere for fish. Photo production beautiful as always. Dick

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Dick. I think if you were to find the time to wander down the street from you every single day, you might have got lucky and tied into some schools of fish on the creek. They definitely haven’t been cooperating on my sporadic schedule. It sure is lush back in the untouched part. Makes the hike worth it.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Absolutely Howard. They’re much easier than they look, well, most of the time. Okay, some times.

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