A Much Needed Walk in the Woods

Took a much needed walk in the woods today. Since I quit fishing I don’t get out for long walks through woods and down creeks. I’m woefully out of shape.

During the winter and early spring I don’t think twice about blundering through the woods that you see at the top. A few feet in reminded me of the stinging nettles that are mixed in with the ever thickening undergrowth. From the knees down my legs quickly felt like they were on fire.

I stuck with the paths this time, for the most part.


The sun cooperated a bit and the new growth this time of year has an intensity that quickly wanes come June.

A feast for the eyes.

If you like lots of green.

6 thoughts on “A Much Needed Walk in the Woods

    1. Ken G Post author

      Once the spring high water stops Howard, I’ll be switching these walks to the waters I fished. There are a couple of islands I want to explore. Hoping to capture that soothing aspect of water along the way.

  1. Walt Franklin

    I’ve also made some time this May for those necessary forest walks. It takes away from the fishing effort but it makes me feel more in tune with my surroundings than simply being in the stream (as much fun as that remains). Your post is a good reminder for those who might think they’re just too busy to catch transitional spring. By the time June rolls around, the spring magic will be marginalized.

    1. Ken G Post author

      The intense color of new growth goes away quickly Walt and I wanted to make sure I got out there to catch a bit of it. Fewer nettles would have been nice, my legs are still itching. I toyed with the idea of going fishing instead, but having a big chunk of a state park all to myself was pretty nice.

  2. Richard Velders

    Always love your beautiful photos. Did a lot of diving into the woods this spring to I/D rare plants. We spent 2-3 hrs with a group pulling up the invasive Dame’s Rocket. That’s the 4 petal pink flower in your pics. Beautiful to see. Awful to have like Garlic Mustard. Dick

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Dick. I didn’t cover that much area, so you’d have your work cut out for you pulling up those Dame’s Rockets. They were everywhere.

      Did see garlic mustard too, but the nettles kept me from going off the trail too much. My legs are still itching. I’m sure there are tons of garlic mustard.


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