A Minimalist goes Wandering

A minimalist goes wandering is a nice summary of what I wound up with in terms of photo’s, but that’s not how things started.

The sky was filled with fair weather clouds when I headed out the door. Skies, anytime really, but around sunset is better, and water are two subjects I go purposely out to shoot. Then things change while I’m out at times.

This day the clouds weren’t cooperating. I guess that’s a way to say I was uninspired.

But the mostly blue sky and the intensity of the late spring green had me searching out other things. I don’t look for anything in particular. I let the colors, objects and surrounding space determine if I find something interesting. Nothing predetermined goes into this thought process. That looks interesting… is enough to get me to raise the camera. A lot of failures, but others that I find intriguing.

Since the sky failed me and I didn’t feel like scrounging low down to find fungus and there was no water around, I settled for everything mid ground, mid view, whatever you feel like calling it.

Basically, I walked around and looked at stuff till something caught my eye.

4 thoughts on “A Minimalist goes Wandering

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Howard. To get the pump shot I waded through crotch high grass, in shorts. Not very smart I found out when the itches kicked in. This used to be an old farm house and there’s more stuff way in the back. Next time I’m wearing pants I’m going to check it out.

  1. Mike Metzger

    That lead image is wonderful. I can’t stop looking at it and wondering what greatness is beyond that ridge, crowned by the soft clouds. Thanks Ken for adding a sunny moment in this rainy week.

    1. Ken G Post author

      Thanks Mike.

      I took a few other shots of the posts from edge to edge before I realized that cow was standing in a perfect spot, had to get that. Over that ridge is just more of nothing. Would be nice to get to the peak, but I don’t think I can outrun pissed off cows any more. I might have to see if there’s a way around that.

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